The Government Is Looking For Defense Supplies, and The Davinci Company Can Help

We are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, specializing in government defense contracts. We can help your company secure contracts to provide defense products to the Federal government. The government sets aside billions of dollars every year for SDVOSB’s, take advantage of this opportunity with a partnership with The Davinci Company.


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Leverage our SDVOSB to access the government market.

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Securing a government supply contract shouldn’t be challenging, but many businesses struggle to navigate this space. Many companies find the process of sorting bids and submitting quotes time-consuming, making it difficult to compete. That’s where we can help your business finally secure one of these contracts and increase your defense products revenue.

Your Focus, Our Expertise

You focus on manufacturing, packaging, and shipping your products, while we take care of everything else. We are government procurement specialists who know the obstacles defense suppliers face during the procurement and bidding processes. Our SDVOSB status can help you avoid these challenges and give you an advantage. Each year, billions of dollars in contracts are reserved for businesses like ours, and as your distribution partner, we can assist you in competing for them.

Defense Goods

If you manufacture defense products, you can benefit from the increasing demand from the government in a limited market. The government has a substantial demand for virtually every type of defense product. Whether you are an OEM partner agent producing medical supplies for veterans or a producer of other defense consumables, we can help you secure a government supply contract.

We provide comprehensive support, including identifying the right contracts, assisting with bid preparations, and ensuring compliance with all federal regulations. Our team’s expertise ensures that your business can meet the stringent requirements and deadlines of government procurement processes.

defense rifle and scope with trijicon

Photo Credit: Trijicon

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Durable Equipment

Many types of durable equipment are needed across the Federal government for defense. Durable goods are in high demand across departments, from medical supplies and machinery to diagnostic equipment. If you are an OEM, our analytics team will help identify the most appropriate contracts to increase product revenue.

We leverage advanced analytics to pinpoint the most lucrative opportunities and streamline the application process. Our goal is to maximize your chances of winning contracts and growing your business in the defense sector.

Workwear and Attire

There is a substantial demand for workwear and attire across the government for defense purposes. Many medical suppliers can also see that they qualify to supply defense needs in this category.

From uniforms and protective gear to specialized medical clothing, the government’s needs are vast and varied. Our in-house analytics experts identify the government opportunities best suited for your defense products and work with you to craft a winning bid. After winning, we negotiate and execute the contract.

u.s. airforce personell in uniform setting up a flare

Photo by: Master Sgt. Becky Vanshur Title: “Light ‘er up”


Current Partnerships

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our team is composed of talented professionals with extensive experience in government sales including pharmaceutical, medical device, and defense sectors. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having dedicated many years to their respective industries.

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By partnering with The Davinci Company, we understand the nuances of the defense market and are committed to helping you succeed. Let us handle the complexities of securing government contracts so you can focus on what you do best: providing high-quality defense products.

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