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Landing a government contract should be simple. However, many Qualified OEMs struggle to secure a contract due to the complex application process.  As a result, they lose opportunities for additional revenue to better-positioned competitors.  Partner with us to secure your government contract and increase your product revenue.


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If you’ve played in the government contracts space before, you know all too well that it’s not an easy game to maneuver. Just sorting through all of the available bids in the medical industry is a daunting process. Not to mention the very strict processes you must follow perfectly just to get your products in front of the right people.

 As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we’re ideally suited to serve as your partner for increasing product revenue through a government contract. There are billions of dollars in government contracts set aside for businesses like ours to secure annually. 

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The Davinci Company can help take your business to the next level

Our pharmaceutical experts can find the best business opportunities and guide you through the application process. We’re equipped with a growing database of existing government buyers to help you understand the nuances of the buying process. You take care of manufacturing your products, and we will take care of the rest.   

Whether you’re a producer of generic pharmaceuticals, branded products, or specialty medications, we can help you find the right government contract. We will take care of all contract maintenance and help you establish a long-term relationship as a government supplier.  

Our specialty is to unlock the entire government market and maximize your government sales  

The Davinci Company can be your ideal partner for obtaining government pharmaceutical contracts. As an SDVOSB, we can help you access billions of dollars of government contracting pool reserved for businesses like ours. 

We find new markets for your products by staying connected to government customers, helping you reach untapped opportunities. We want to help you sell more products to the government and want to help you increase your sales to the government. We can assist with selling new products or increasing sales of existing ones. Our goal is to help you reach more customers through government distribution channels.  

While pharmaceuticals can represent a large spend in any healthcare setting, they continue to be the gold standard when it comes to meeting patient healthcare needs.  Pharmaceutical intervention provides savings over other treatment options. 

The Davinci Company can help you sell products to the government quickly. We can assist you in selling products to the government efficiently and have expertise in federal contracts and can help you navigate the process. This includes both one-time purchases and getting on the Federal Supply Schedule.  Customers can work directly with The Davinci Company to get all their generic pharmaceutical needs met. 

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our team is composed of talented professionals with extensive experience in government sales including pharmaceutical, medical device, and defense sectors. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having dedicated many years to their respective industries.

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Pharmaceutical Products

The government has a substantial demand for pharmaceutical products across multiple entities, including the VA, DoD, and more. We are your reliable distribution partner. We stay connected with government clients, share information about your products, and assist them in understanding sales timelines and quantities. Partner with us to tap into our expertise and maximize the opportunity to increase your product revenue.   

  • Branded As a pharmaceutical manufacturing partner producing branded goods, we can help you win attractively priced contracts for your products. We will manage every step of the contracting process for you. After winning, we negotiate and execute the contract.  
  • Generic – Pharmaceutical producers of generic medications can enjoy taking advantage of many different contracts seeking these lower-cost alternatives to branded versions. You manufacture, package and ship your products and we handle everything else.  
  •  Specialty- If you are an OEM producing specialty products, we will execute the contracts ideally suited to your offering and help you capture their maximum value. As your manufacturing channel partner, we avoid working with other suppliers that target the same niche.  

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