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Leverage our SDVOSB status and start selling your medical products and pharmaceuticals to the government!

Increase Revenue

Leverage our SDVOSB set aside to access a whole new marketplace.

Move Inventory

Keep production moving and get your inventory into a recession proof market.

Beat Competition

Expand your business without fighting the noise from your competitors.

The Government Wants Your Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals!

If you’ve played in the government contracts space before, you know all too well that it’s not an easy game to maneuver. Just sorting through all of the available bids in the medical industry is a daunting process. Not to mention the very strict processes you must follow perfectly just to get your products in front of the right people.

Let DaVinci Handle the Process from Start to Finish


Capture Bids

We will review the myriad of available healthcare opportunities, find the best ones through exhaustive research, and handle all the application work on your behalf.


Manage Process

We’ll handle all of the details throughout the process. You can just focus on what you do best – manufacture great medical products!


Retain Contracts

We’ll maintain the relationship with the government to ensure your business continues to increase revenue within the healthcare marketplace.

We Specialize in Government Healthcare Contracts

Let DaVinci handle the government. Working with an SDVOSB is truly a “win-win” situation, especially one that also works on the other side as a contractor. We KNOW the rules of the game and we’re experts at positioning your medical disposables and pharmaceuticals to stand out against other bidders.

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Medical Disposables

Medical disposables today make up more than $300 billion in annual healthcare expenditures.  This is expected to grow by over 15% year over year.  The Davinci Company can meet your needs in this complex environment.  Whether your needs are disposables such as protective equipment for infection control, IV filtration, and/or breathing filtration masks we can get your products into the government through our streamlined process.    


While pharmaceuticals can represent a large spend in any healthcare setting, they continue to be the gold standard when it comes to meeting patient healthcare needs.  Pharmaceutical intervention provides savings over other treatment options.  The Davinci Company has the expertise to help you navigate the federal government contract space as a vendor to ensure quick access to your products through one time buys to awards on the Federal Supply Schedule.  Customers can work directly with The Davinci Company to get all their generic pharmaceutical needs met. 

Diabetes Management

Diabetes continues to be a major debilitating disease that affects over 11% of the US population.  The good news is that innovative treatments, monitoring, and education make diabetes a disease that can be managed and Americans continuing to enjoy life.  The Davinci Company is working with a major diabetes care company focused on monitoring.  With full access to their products, blood glucose monitoring has never been easier. 

Each month the US Government posts over $2 BILLION in available contracts for it's SDVOSB partners. This is work that's set aside specifically for companies like DaVinci.

If you've explored government contracts before, you know how intimidating and complex the process can be. Partner with us and we'll not only capture the bids for you, we'll manage the entire process, and we'll retain the contract for your business.

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